The Future of UX Design

May 24, 2023 | By Shreya Srivastava

Sneak Peek into the Future of UX Design

In a world where flying taxis, drone delivery and self-driving buses are developed, it becomes important to provide an experience beyond the imagination. Wait before moving, Do you want to sign-up for free advertising on your behalf? Then make your user experience so brilliant that a person goes out there and praises your businesses. But many people are sceptical about its future, and hence in this blog, we are going to discuss the current state and future of UX design.

What is User Experience or UX Design?

UX or User Experience Design is the term used to describe the experience gained by the customer when they interact with a system or machine. UX (user experience) design principles are used to develop every modern software programme or professional website. Credibility, ease-of-use and user retention are the three key areas of concentration of this sector. The UX Design ensure that the user has a great experience and is not pissed off while using the application or website. Have you ever thought about why Amazon has been ranked as favourite e-commerce online shop?

Current State of User Experience

User Experience is not a new word; it was coined back in the 1990s by Don Normanto cover all aspects of the person's experience with the system, including industrial design graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual. The current and the biggest example of UX ever implemented is by Google through their SEO algorithm known by the name Google Page Experience, which states that if the user experience is not fulfilled, then your page ranking would be affected and may be possible will result in lower ranks.
Everything is optimized according to the needs of humans and to enhance their experience related to it. With the world shifting towards being digital, User Experience has found its place in software, applications, mobile devices, websites and products alike. According to the latest report, over 80 per cent of consumers purchased items online all over the world. Over a trillion saleswere the results of mobile design in the previous year, which indirectly means a great user experience. Nad there is no air of doubt that, Internet and great UX largely influence consumers purchasing power.  

Why there is a lot of buzz for the future of UX?

Talking only in figures, people spend more than 6 hours of their day on the Internet, and Mobile devices account for about half of this time. And now, if we look a year back or two, we will notice that with the going COVID virus, there is an increase in the time people spend on the Internet.
Time on the Internet is directly proportional to the experience users grab from websites, apps. And in no time, companies understood the effect of UX in their businesses. It's nearly impossible to keep up with the current technological trends because they change so quickly. To keep ahead of the technology curve, it's critical to invest in UX design as soon as feasible.
UX Design has been listed as the top 20 skills to learn by LinkedIn. With its growing need and importance in business, demand for UX designers has also increased. Therefore people started looking for career opportunities in the UX Design field.
With every emerging technology, its habit also changes. As a result, the demand for UX and UI designers will continue to grow. Designers constantly investigate human behaviour, wants, and aspirations and turn them into pleasant user experiences that we will all encounter in our daily lives. As a result, UX is ubiquitous. If you're creating a product and want it to be functional and emotionally connected with users, there are several guidelines you should follow and most probably of User experience.


Future of UX Design

The future trend is definitely going to be driven by Human-Computer Interactions; UX Designers have started considering quality time more than an increasing hour spent on an app. Google and Apple have successfully implemented this UX by considering the digital well-being of their user. The current UX profession stands at 1 million users, and by 2050, it is expected to grow by 100 million.
The future of the UX is progressive and radical. Businesses and brands have started giving serious contemplation about the user experience, and as a result, we can see a plunge in the UX industry. To cope up with this skyrocketing industry, designers have to move with the pace of technological innovation. Industries like Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR is the coming future of the UX which will surely impact how we interact with the systems. So let’s see them one by one:

Internet of Things

As of now, there is a total of 12.3 billion IoT devices, and by 2021 it will grow to 27 billion IoT connections. IoT will change our lives beyond our imagination bringing major changes in the way we live, work, shop, transport, and many more. And hence it becomes prime importance to design Devices keeping in mind the experience it will provide to the user. IoT and UX are blooming together, and hence its popularity will grow with time.

Automotive UX

User-Centric design is the key and has become the standard format to utilize, making automation an ultimate choice for higher and effective services. Hence automation in creating UX prototyping will be leveraged in full-stack; as a result, more advanced UX designs will be brainstormed. Self-taught machines will soon work with their 1000 times speed and will produce must greater results with 100% efficiency and accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence

In a world of Siri and Google Assistance, we can forget the rising technology none other than Machine Learning and soon it will find its place in UX design. We will soon witness the predictive AI and high-quality voice chatbots in our systems. Connecting with technology in a natural, human-like manner would hasten technological adoption and boost user experience.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are making their way in almost every growing sector. I am sure you must have watched the biggest hits of all time like Iron Man, Terminator, The Hunger Games and Avatar, where we can witness the presence of AR and VR. The existence of VR and AR has largely changed the user landscape. It completely immerses the user in the virtual scenarios. And hence it’s likely that AR and VR will greatly influence future UX designs.

Information Visualization

The bitter truth is User wants more they expect something new every time. It's no longer about the great experience but also the information they grab while engaging and interacting. Hence users are more attracted to visually appealing designs. Also, in the coming year, we will mark the presence of motion designs that will hook the users. Lively animations and gestures will be seen more often and help overcrowd the display screens.

How can you leverage future UX trends?

Everything is becoming mechanized as digitalization sets its claws in the market. To succeed in the future, one should know new technological skills to survive and be future-ready. UI/UX has a bright future ahead of it. With the rise of technology, UX designs are in great demand to craft creative products that connect with customers. On the one hand, large corporations build products to streamline internal processes; on the other side, entrepreneurs develop new products to disrupt the sector. The demand for functional and pleasurable UX is enormous, especially as the world's digital revolution accelerates.
Companies and businesses are not letting any stone unturned to make their business number one and provide their ultimate user experience. Hence, UX will always be going to be part of the business. The career opportunities, job titles, positions, technology will evolve from time to time, but the show must go on. The only challenge you will face is how you keep your heads up in this illuminating future UX Design


In the end, any technology or trends staying focused on what the user wants and how they interact with a product will surely raise the high bar and stay longer. With the evolving technology of UX, designers will be flourishing.
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