Business Survival Strategy in Crisis through Online advertising

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

Any company hires employees so that they can perform well during pressure. Everyone acts differently when stood under pressure and that's why it is very necessary to train employees so that they can respond appropriately during a crisis situation.

Advertising is the most important factor that has led to the widespread awareness of anything and everything. It delivers an idea from one place to a large number of people through TV, Radio, Internet, and print media. There are so many businesses in this world but the ones with exceptionally good advertisement campaigns make it to the minds of people.

Advertisement is a big investment to be made and there is a lot of effort, time, and money that is to be put in it to make it effective enough to spread awareness that it requires. Various benefits make advertising a worthwhile investment for your business.

Places where you can advertise your brand

Technological advancement has increased the platforms through which you could spread awareness of your product, service, or your ideas. You could choose TV, Radio, Print, or the Internet as your methods or platforms for advertising. You could opt for the one suitable for your business based on your budget and target group.

Every good thing includes a lot of risks and when you start a business, it comes with a lot of risks because it works in an environment that is ever-changing and you cannot predict what might go wrong and be prepared for it. Many factors might lead to downfall or crisis in your business like, change in taste, better competition, ruined reputation, obsolete products, unattractive packaging, etc. There can be so many reasons for the crisis to occur in your business but you need to find the possible ways to manage and deal with them.

Importance of advertising

If you observe all the things that are around you, you mostly got to know about them through advertisements. Advertisements are the core source of spreading awareness about products, services, schemes, etc. Advertisements create a kind of trust in people and make it easier for the businesses and government to make their products or schemes be understood and reached out to people. Some of the reasons for advertising is important are:

1. To spread awareness

Advertising is important because it creates awareness about an idea, service or product. People need to know about things and advertisements are the main source of their information about anything.

2. For sales increase

Advertisements, mainly for the products play a crucial role. Whenever you buy anything, you remember it and trust it because of the advertisements that you saw of it. Advertisements generate awareness of your brand and increase your sales in the market. They present your products attractively and appealingly for people to see and buy them without second thoughts.

How can advertisements help in crisis management?

In times of declining sales

The business has a lot of ups and downs as integral and inevitable parts of it. At times there will be a lot of sales and sometimes less than you expected but the situation gets worse when your sales are way too less and your business comes to a level where it could even need to shut down and this is the time when your business falls into crisis.
Advertising is a sales booster as we all know but when sales take a serious down-hit, you need to check your existing advertisements and if you do not have any, it is time that your business hires professionals and starts working on making appealing and creative advertisements.

When you want to build your reputation

Your business and its reputation in the market is everything. Businesses work hard to gain the trust of people and do everything to maintain it. There are times when this reputation or good image of your business is ruined because of various factors, at times like these you need to find the follies in your business, work on their betterment, and after you are done removing all the errors, you can take help of advertisements to re-build your reputation.
Through creative advertisements, you cannot promote your brand but you can also show people how you faced downfall and how you have grown to be better. Ethical branding methods could be used to reach the hearts of people and lift your reputation in the market.

When you want to relaunch your brand

If you've been in the market for a long time, at some point there will come various factors in your way that may lead to your business slowly being forgotten or your audience may start choosing your competitors over your business. There could be reasons like unattractive designing, obsolete products, unattractive packaging, or any other thing.
Your business first needs to rebrand and then it should re-launch itself with the help of creative, appealing, and convincing advertisement. Advertisement will bring you in the market as a fresh face which they already know and trust.


Advertising has evolved over time and has come up as a great influencer of market trends and growth. It helps your business in reaching out to a large number of people but it also helps you manage your image in the market and by helping you with crisis management.