The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Career in India

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

Before you begin comparing the pros and cons of Digital Marketing career, you must know the history of Advertising and Marketing in your respective country. How vast this industry has grown into. With the growth of Internet users worldwide each passing day and how much time a user spends using and surfing through the internet, it's definitely worth having a look at this field. You can find Internet users through the medium of entertainment, video marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, even for searching a basic query on Google, interacting with people, and many such things. Advertisements and marketing that were usually done through mediums of print, televisions, and radio but with increasing users of the internet, businesses found another better way to promote their brand affordably. Digital marketing has enhanced people's experience in understanding and knowing a brand and the way they work in the market as customers and as business owners.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the way people promote their business, brand, idea, or anything through the medium of internet platforms or channels to get wider viewership and increased potential customers from anywhere and everywhere. Digital Marketing is done by delivering promotional content through mediums like social media, emails, websites, and applications. You could not only promote it online, but you can also even check how people are reacting to your promotional activities to understand the progress, and if there is a need to make changes. Unlike traditional advertising where you can not determine the effect your promotion has on people, Digital advertising will give you all the details of your campaigns and how it is being taken by people.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in India

India is opening up to the technological changes that are coming to them and are learning to use it for their development. The number of millennials seeking jobs in digital marketing is increasing rapidly because they are more tech-savvy and well aware of the trends that can easily make the product, business, idea, or service popular. Making a career in Digital Marketing exposes you to innumerable growth opportunities and skill development in various fields that come under it.

Skills that are majorly in demand for a career in Digital Marketing

1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the process of growing the quality of your website to make it visible to people more, improve the ranking and authority.

2. Content Strategy- Content strategy is the planning, development, and management of content that can be in any form of media.

3. Social Media Marketing- Social Media Marketing includes using social media to market the company’s products and services by posting for and engaging with the customers.

4.PPC Advertising- Pay-Per-Click advertising is a form of online advertising used to drive traffic to the site where the advertiser pays the publisher after the ad is being clicked.

5. Content Creation- To sell your products you have to present ideas to appeal to your buyer persona and that is what content creators do through their videos, posts, infographics, blogs, etc.

Why should you choose digital marketing as a career?

1.Skill utilization

You can utilize all your skills in this field whether they belong to computers, calculation or art. Digital marketing allows you to explore and learn new skills while you are working.

2. Versatility

There are many opportunities that the field will bring you and if you wish to switch from one to another, it will be easier for you. You could upskill and train yourself while working in the same field so that you can either grow to a better position or get your hands on another amazing job.

3. Freelance options

Digital marketing doesn’t put limits on you and you could work as a freelancer. Freelancing would give you the benefit of working for multiple places and things based on your skills that will not only for your earnings but will keep you out of boredom of working for the same place.

4. Earning

Digital marketing jobs are in big demand right now and that makes it a fair career option for a good enough earning. The more experience you get along the way, the more you will be paid for your job.

5. Diverse Field

Digital marketing is a diverse field that gives a lot of people with varied skills and expertise the opportunities to work. The field includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Interactive Technology like AI, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video, and Audio Production, Email Marketing, E-Commerce Management, Content Writing and management, Marketing automation, Web designing, Web development, Copywriting, Editing, Analytics, Business and marketing strategy.

6. Promotes creativity

Creativity is the most important part of digital marketing and if you have the skills to sell things by presenting them artistically, this is the right career choice for you. You can explore new ways of doing things and will have to come up with innumerable new ideas continuously and that is what adds fun in marketing.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing as a career option:

1.High competition

Every good thing comes with its cons, digital marketing is although a field that brings a good lot of growth opportunities with a good earning due to its high demand and people becoming more tech-savvy, there is a huge competition that comes with it.

2. Frequent Trend changes and being updated with them

The digital marketing industry keeps on evolving frequently and thus keeping yourself updated and upskilled according to them often becomes a problem especially for the small business.

How to begin with a Digital Marketing career?

1. Online Learning

Online learning is becoming the future and the pandemic has taught us how important and beneficial it is in this technologically advanced world. There are many online courses available on websites like Coursera, Udemy, UpGrad, etc. you can choose a suitable course for yourself and upskill yourself with digital marketing concepts. You can also study through youtube or other informational websites.

2. Internships

The digital marketing industry keeps on evolving frequently and thus keeping yourself updated and upskilled according to them often becomes a problem especially for the small business.

3. Freelancing

When you're ready with all your learnings and skills, it is time for you to work for companies and build your resume. If you do not want to work for just one company, start as a freelancer working for multiple companies. You can provide your service to multiple firms, have experience of working with different kinds of work and people, and build your resume for better job opportunities.

4.Build a Portfolio

To get a suitable job and work opportunities in the field of digital marketing, you must always keep a collection of your work either in the form of a portfolio or website. Having a portfolio or a website will give insight into your work to your clients or employers and they can understand better how to work with you.




India is rapidly becoming digital in every aspect and that has increased the need for good digital marketers in the market. Interested people must upskill themselves with the required technical knowledge and have a deep understanding of the market. Here were the reasons why having or aiming for a career in digital marketing can be a good decision for people in the coming market scenario.