A Comprehensive guide to typography for Beginners

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

Typography- The importance of typography can't be described in words. Rather, Typography plays an important and critical role in your Brands voice. It's something that keeps things creative, pretty interesting, attracts your customers while highlighting your central message!

When it comes to designing, every little thing or detail that we often fail to notice, matters. Good designing on your website, packaging, visiting cards, and brochures will attract customers towards your brand and create a good reputation for it in the market.

When you're laying out an email, presentation, or image on social media you need to pay attention to the tiniest detail of typography that can make all the difference.

What is Typography?

Typography is a way characters and letters are arranged in a certain way to make your information look appealing and attractive to people. Typography is used differently depending upon the viewers and the type of your service or business.

Why is Typography so important?

Typography is present everywhere, slipping out of our notice but attracting us to the information that was aimed to reach us. When we look at the information on any creative website, it automatically attracts us to read it because a lot of attention is paid on its typography, whereas, we often ignore the terms and conditions present on the websites or documents because of the poor and unattractive way of presenting the information.

Font, color, style, and setting might seem a bit unimportant to pay attention to but it could affect the way your information will appear to the viewers in both good and bad ways.

Here are the things that beginners need to know about Typography:

1. Get acquainted with the basics first

For the beginners of typography, it is important to know all the basics of it. Various things are part of typography and different tools are available that could be used to work with. Before starting designing, beginners need to be familiar with these things so that they could design unique and creative typography.

2. Font communication

Psychology is related to everything and even typography. There are a lot of fonts available for you to use but to make them effective and suitable for your work depends upon the viewers and their psychology. While designing, connecting to your viewers is important and that is possible when you choose the right typography to match their preference.

3. Limit your font usage

There are a lot of font sizes and styles available but a common mistake that beginners of typography make is that they use a lot of them and end up making their design look shabby more than attractive. It is therefore important to choose specific font and typefaces for all the headings and differently for the sub-headings and so on.

4. Alignment

Proper alignment makes your document look more organized and attractive. There are four alignments, center, left, right, and justified. You need to choose your text alignment carefully so that your design doesn't look like it is going in any direction making it confusing for the audience to understand.

5. Visual Hierarchy

In your text there are headings, sub-headings, some things are of great importance, and some that are not that important but still informative. Beginners need to understand the typography hierarchy which focuses on arranging the text and their font sizes in a proper order highlighting the more important things.

6. Font Pairing

Too many fonts are confusing to see because people can’t figure out what is part of which heading or what should they pay more attention to. When there are headings and sub-headings, their fonts should be paired and checked for compatibility so that they look good together and not unrelated.

7. Readability

Taking the example of terms and conditions once again, they are often ignored by people on the documents or website because they are mostly designed in an unattractive and unreadable manner. This may affect the impact that you are trying to create through your information and therefore, the readability is to be considered while designing the typography.

8. Font palette

Colors are related to psychology and define various moods of people. There are various combinations of colors that could be made but they should be used in the typography depending upon the viewers and audience. Kids won’t’ prefer seeing bold colors and adults won’t prefer seeing too many colors, therefore, the right font palette is to be chosen carefully while designing your typography.

9. Grammar

Poor grammar usage is not at all acceptable. If your information is written grammatically incorrectly, it will automatically eliminate the chance of building trust in your potential customers’ minds towards your brand. Therefore, beginners should be careful while preparing the typography and check for its grammar correctness through various apps and websites available.



These were a few of the things that beginners need to keep in mind before working with typography. Every small detail matters while presenting something and creativity is the key to make it effective. Beginners could take the help of the experts and designing guide to learn the basics of typography.