Effective SEO strategy for brands in 2020

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

What is SEO or SEO strategy?

For your website to become better and bigger, you need to get it to the top search results and that requires having a significant number of visitors or traffic on your website and SEO is the process through which quality and quantity of your website are increased. Here, there are three things that you need to understand that go into SEO:

1. Quality traffic
Some visitors are brought to our website through Google but they won't be considered as good traffic, good traffic is important for your website to grow and that will happen when your website has genuinely interested visitors or visitors who came to the website by themselves.

2. Organic search engine results
The organic search result is the traffic that you did not pay for. Most of the traffic is initially generated through advertisements but that cannot be considered. For good enough SEO, your website must have organic traffic.

Why does your SEO ranking matter?

Before learning about the strategies that are most effective in increasing SEO, you must know how important it is for your business, and here are some of the reasons:

Increasing Visibility

If you have a good enough SEO, your website would appear in the top results when people search for something that your website offers. Your SEO rankings will make your website be more visible to people and increase the traffic on it.

Increasing Traffic

Traffic on your website is everything, more importantly, it should be organic traffic. Quality traffic on your website will give you the actual result of your website's growth. Good SEO will make your website more visible to people and would, therefore, increase the traffic on your website.

Developing Trust

Top results appear first because of the good SEO and they have the most number of visitors because people trust these top results for having quality content to offer. If you have increased your SEO ranking, you already have gained your audience's trust.


SEO ranking and results are the factors helping in your business’s growth. To attract people towards your brand, you get their attention on your website, you get their trust and you get to build a better relationship with them, thus, SEO rankings aid your business’s growth.

Quantity of traffic

Bigger the number, the better it is. For your website to be on the top list, you must have a big number of visitors on your website. Quality traffic on your website will bring your website to the top search results.

What are the most effective SEO strategies in 2020?

1.Long-tail Keywords

Keywords are the basic and most important part of building SEO of your site. Google suggests you can know about the most-searched-for keywords from your target audience. Try using long-tail keywords because they are less competitive than others. If you take an example of watches, you will have high competition for 'watches' but if you use a keyword like 'most expensive watches' your competition will significantly reduce.

2. Present something better than what exists

When you have finalized your keywords, analyze them on Google’s first page. Search for those keywords and look at what other websites are serving on that topic. Note down the pattern and you could either present something better than that or something different.

3. Wok on improving UI and UX of your site

The way your website works or looks is the most important thing that you need to take care of. Your content could be good and informative but if your website is not well- designed, people will not stay to read what you are trying to present them. User Interface and User experience designing focus on building an attractive and interactive website to enhance the audience's experience.

4. Blog

Blogging is the most effective tool to get a lot of visitors to your website. Blog about various things that people search for and if your content is good enough, people would be curious o know about your website and business. This will reduce bounce rates, will create trust in people, and bring organic traffic on your site.

5. Link-building

Backlinks are contributors to SEO rankings. When you are writing about something, try adding a backlink to related pages or information. With these links, you can either direct them to the related information on your website or some other website's content. Link strengthens your domain and SEO.

6. Update your content

Good content is what will bring visitors to your website and reduce the bounce rate, make sure that you keep your content updated with the trendiest and most searched - for topics. If you already have some content published earlier, try to make some changes in them and update your website regularly.

7. Make a mobile-friendly website

Most of the internet users are using it on mobile phones, so if you wish to get a lot of visitors on your website, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. It must not lose its effect or attractiveness when being visited through other devices.




So, in this content, we see target marketing and various strategies, tools, and techniques to get the right market. We also learn how important it is to target the right audience because targeting the wrong audience would adversely affect your market and thus Return on Investment (ROI). So, If you want to generate more revenue, more sales, more lead then you should ask 3 questions by yourself before starting your product or services- whom I am targeting, what is their interest, and what are their behaviors.

I hope you find it useful in getting your ideal target market.