Steps to Follow Before Launching Any Product

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

Have great ideas about launching a product in the market? Obviously, you've created a killer product and now you're all set to launch it in the market. When you have a great idea in your mind, go ahead and work on it but make sure you have checked for all the factors that could somehow affect it. If you are trying to launch a product, you need to work and understand the market in which you will be selling your product and how you are going to take your product there. In short, you need to carefully and wisely take the journey from developing an idea of a product to actually taking it to the market.

You have various business ideas, different products to sell to different target audiences so the steps that you will be taking will depend upon the aforementioned factors. Without planning the strategies and just rushing towards launching the product in the market can be a complete disaster idea. While you launch a product you must imagine yourself at your audience’s place and see what works for you the best to understand who you could plan a perfect launch that can convince your audience to be your customers. make various strategies, reach out and understand the needs, take help of the experts and take all the possible measures to effectively launch your products.

The steps you should follow before launching a product:

1. Define your target audience

Your product’s ultimate destination is your audience and that is the most influential factor to your brand’s or product’s growth and survival so before launching your product you must define your target audience. All your further strategies and advertising campaigns will depend on your target audience and their expectations from a product that you wish to launch.

2. Make your online platforms secure

At all the steps you need to prioritize the security and trust of your audience or customers in your business. When your customers will be curious about your brand or product, they will learn things about your products through your online platforms and you must make sure they are secured. Unsecured websites are prone to exploitation by hackers and people would refrain from visiting your site or buying from you.

3. Know your competition

The market is huge and there is often the very little possibility of you being able to launch a completely new and unseen product in the market. Businesses usually launch products that have competitors in the market and to be able to beat them at the game, you must keep your enemies closer. Understand their strategies and try to come up with either something better or something different.

4. Launch demos and trials first

While we cook food, we often taste it a little to make sure that it is what others or consumers might like. When it comes to launching a product, the taste of it is to be taken by some people to understand if it is good enough for a big launch, and for this, sell free or demo samples of your product first and analyze people's reaction and response to it.

5. Form a thorough strategy

Before launching a product it is highly advisable to pay a lot of time and attention to analyzing various factors that could be affecting the product or its launch. The process includes evaluating the market, the risk involved, competitors, SWOT, ROI, etc. bring everyone on the team on the same page and work towards the brand strategy that fits.

6. Approach and target major media platforms or outlets

The amount of information that people take in and remember in a day is limited and there are so many things and brand advertisements they come across daily. You need to find the best media sources with high viewership and invest in promoting your brand through them. You must come to notice of people frequently and with impactful methods so that you cut the competition and win their attention.

7. Make an offer

People are attracted to offers and discounts. While they are getting a deal that is worth their expenditure, they will be attracted to your product. Pre-order discounts, free first-time use, etc. further process will depend upon their responses and feedback. If they like the product they will buy them and add to your number of customers.

8. Approach the big influencers and ambassadors

Word of mouth publicity is the most effective way of gaining potential customers’ trust in your brand. When you want to launch a product, research, and find the best influencers or ambassadors to approach who will be able to influence your desired target audience. Promoting or launching the product through them will earn you the trust of their followers.

9. Campaign and communicate

Last but not the least, invest a lot of time and effort in creating an impactful promotional campaign. Test your advertising or promotional campaign on a few people first to ensure that it is delivering the expected or desired impact. Take feedback and communicate with your audience to know if you did a good job or if you could make changes and come up with something better.


So we know that launching the first product or a new product for your business is very important because of the growth opportunities and possibilities it comes with and also various kinds of risks like, sales less than expected figure, bad reviews, inappropriate advertising, competition or anything that might affect your brand or product. You spend a lot of your time, money and effort in launching a product and you can’t risk the possibility of its failure, therefore, before launching the product follow the steps mentioned above and the ones suggested by the experts, work on it, test their effectiveness and then launch the product so that you can eliminate or at least decrease the chances of failure to a significant percentage.