Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

What are Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are software programs that are built through web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to customize and enhance browsers’ experience. They allow browsers to set the chrome’s functions suitably. A single extension has multiple functionalities working towards a common purpose. Companies are now developing their personalized extensions to meet the particular business needs as it sometimes becomes a little difficult to find the most suitable ones out of the hundreds of extensions available.

Benefits of adding chrome extensions:

Extensions boost the completion of your work by providing you additional features and functions that make working through it easy for you. It enhances the browsing experience of people and businesses using chrome with its personalized functionalities.

Businesses do not have to choose or go to other apps for various needs. Chrome extensions give you a personalized browser with the functions that are suitable to meet your business needs. It saves your effort of jumping from one place to another to get the resources. Various extensions that chrome provides help you in managing your business better by keeping a check on its operation, resources, and employees. It makes effective management easier by saving time and efforts of the business owners.

Just like we keep a diary or prepare sticky notes to keep ourselves organized and to remember things, chrome extension lets us do the same on the browser. There are various extensions provided by chrome that allow you to keep your schedule, dates, notes, bookmarks, or referral materials so that you can be more effective and organized. Various chrome extensions can be used on multiple devices which makes accessing documents and data feasible from anywhere at any time. People can share screens or work from another computer without losing their data.

Different useful types of extensions.

Save to google drive

This extension is self-explanatory. This extension will save everything that you want to save to the google drive of the account that is signed in on your chrome so that you do not lose them and view them later. You can take screenshots, share photos, videos, audios or documents directly to the cloud storage.

Ruul screen ruler

Designers often need to measure things or size various things into certain measurements. This extension is perfect for them because it provides an on-screen ruler that could be used for measuring, aligning, lining things on the screen. You could use multiple rulers horizontally and vertically and use or drag them with your mouse.

Screen capture

When you are researching or finding some information and you want to collect and put them together, this extension might just be the right one. Designers can benefit from this extension where they could take a screenshot of the visible region and keep it for future reference. These pictures will be saved in png format and you could rename it while saving.

Window resizer

When you are designing something for the web, especially something that will be viewed on multiple devices, your designers need to check their usability and experience on all the devices. With window resizer extension, you could see how your design will look on multiple devices just by clicking on various viewing options available.


For designers working with a team, it often becomes difficult to explain to them the idea that you have in mind because you saw it somewhere. Instead of describing them the idea, you could just record the record animations, bugs, or user-flows and share them with the team so that they keep up with you and your plan.


You can get inspiration or ideas from anywhere. While surfing we often find various things that we might like to add in our designs. An eyedropper is another amazing chrome extension that allows you to pick a color from anywhere on your screen. You can choose and store any color you see on any webpage and store it for later use.

Corporate Ipsum

This is mostly used by the designers working on a fresh website or redesigning one. Corporate Ipsum provides random filler text to temporarily put it and check the design while actual content is being prepared.


This is one of the most amazing and useful Chrome extensions for designers. Designers spend a lot of time surfing through different designs to find inspiration but Muzli saves their efforts by proving and filling the feed with updated designs and trends from various design sources every time they open the browser.

What font?

When you are doing your research to get the right inspiration and if you like the font and wish to use it in your design, you can easily know the name of the font using this extension. It allows you to inspect or identify the font just by hovering over it.


You must always keep in mind that your viewers are of different kinds and they are viewing your design on various screen resolutions. Due to various color deficiencies, different people see different colors on the screen, spectrum extension lets you test your design on various color deficiency so that you could make suitable changes.

Dark Reader

People often get more creative at night and thus they need to take care of their eyes from the sharp white screen light. Dark-mode saves the battery and makes things easier to look at in the dark and this extension does the same for you by enabling you to adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast to a comfortable resolution.