Best Modern Interior Designing Ideas Plus Tips On How To Accessorize

Jan 05, 2023 | By Shreya Srivastava

Modern interior design process:

1. Room measurement
It is essential to take this step. In a room, the right size for furniture and other decorative items depends on the room's width, height, and length.

2. Room purpose
Cooking and eating spaces are called the Kitchen, chilling and relaxing spaces are called the Dining Area and the Living Room, guest meeting spaces are called the Guest Room, and the bathing areas are called bathrooms. It is essential to design the modern interior based design on its intended use.

3. Color
The color of the wall and elements inside the room make the overall attractive. Every color has psychology, like blue indicates freedom and intuition, white is peace, and yellow is fun. Colour has a connection with emotions.
Red - Passion, Excitement, Energy, Power, Ambition
Yellow - Positive, Joy, Excitement
Green - Money, Fertility, Nature
White - Peace, Freshness, Purity
Black - Mystery, Sophistication, Drama.


4. Style
They select themes according to personal choice. Pieces are contemporary, modern, traditional, minimalistic, shabby, rustic, transitional, and French.

5. Flooring
The floor is covered with tiles, wooden floors, or synthetic rugs. Its selection is based on the wall art, ceiling design, personal comfort, and climate condition of the location.

Types of flooring:
- Wooden Flooring
- Natural Stone Tile
- Carpet
- Vinyl
- Bamboo Flooring
- Marble Flooring
- Granite Flooring

6. Wall Art
The color of the wall decoration item should match the room's elements, considering the room's shape to complement the overall space.

Different types of wall art
- Wall Art Abstract
- Chinese Style landscape
- Plum Blossom Orchid
- Impression Hand Painted
- Solid Color Geometric Print

7. Furniture
Purchasing furniture requires consideration of colors, sizes, and designs. The placing order of furniture shows the sense of organized living. You should not select bulky furniture for small size rooms. You can go for customized as well as ready-made as per your needs. And the color of the furniture should go well with the wall paint and curtains.

Kind of furniture
- Sofa set
- Lounge
- Chair
- Pillow/Cushion
- Curtain
- Bench
- Hammock
- Tufted Ottoman

8. Window covering
Curtains, sheets, vertical lines, shutters, and other things can give your interior design a modern look. For this, you should use warm colors. I think that complements the paint on the walls as well. At the same time, it provides privacy, hides the sharp edges, and makes it look more beautiful.

Types of Covering:
- Blinds
- Shades
- Curtains

9. Accessories

The accessories that can enhance the room's look are books, lamp placement, indoor plants, carpet, statues, and rugs.
Types of Modern Interior Design Styles:

Minimalistic: The living area lacks any clutter, neutral base, clear floors, uncovered windows, and storage solutions.

Industrial: A minimal and standard interior design with an industrial twist. These style essentials are open plan, architectural features, critical doors, unusual objects, black & white art.

Scandinavian: This style comprises minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. Bright white color, natural and artificial light, transparent and light curtains, clean line shape and tall legs furniture, indoor plants, and flowers add texture for warmth and coziness.

Modern Rustic: Basic must-haves to give a modern rustic look to living space are brooks lounge chair, Mila coffee table, urban elevation bureau, Rocco pendant, Elliott kitchen island, and Keith dining table.

Maximalist: This is a bold and loud style that consists of rich colors, floral and animal prints, retro furniture, decorative mirrors, golden frames, strong tone fabrics.

How to Accessorize
Following are the simple tips to style and beautify the spaces:

Throw blankets
Toss Pillows
Soft lights

Living Area
A mix of light and dark
Sophisticated Rugs
Solid Fabric Colours
Some wooden pieces.
Use of Textures

Guest Room
Book Collection
Quiet sitting spaces.
Vibrant Colour Elements
Wall Sculptures
Expensive statues

Cutlery Organiser
Kitchen Basket
Corner Settings
Paint Ceiling

A house filled with the same colors, textures, and lights gives the residents a dull feeling. The process of home renovation excites us always. You are giving a new vibe to your personal living space with these best interior designing ideas and sharing the experience with us.