Brands that must begin implementing Digital Marketing

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

In this ever-changing era of the Internet world, it is never firm what might work for your brand. And with the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, the brands who have an online presence are managing well with the Business. The number of people using Social Media is rising and to inform them about your business Digital Platform is an affordable platform for Marketing.

A major part of your target audience or customer is an active social media user or at least an internet user so while traditional marketing and advertising tools manage the local audience and audience who come across your advertisement through print and television and radio, Digital advertising will make your advertising reach to your audience on multiple internet platforms as well.

What is digital advertising?

Digital Marketing is promoting a product, brand, or business online by delivering promotional content through mediums like social media, emails, websites, and applications. It grabs the attention of a large audience and delivers your idea to them in a better and effective way. You could not only promote it online, but you can also even check how people are reacting to your promotional activities to understand the progress, and if there is a need to make changes. Unlike traditional advertising where you can not determine the effect your promotion has on people, Digital advertising will give you all the details of your campaigns and how it is being taken by people.

Difference between Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising

There are differences between Traditional and Digital Advertising, the medium of the delivery being the main one of them. Traditional Advertising is being done through pamphlets, brochures, TV commercials, radio, newspapers, etc. They are good enough to reach a limited audience but Digital advertising is done through social media, email, and websites which increase the reach not just locally but globally.

Another difference as we mentioned earlier is that traditional advertising will promote our business but we won’t be able to check the data and effect that it made, whereas, Digital advertising is completely data-driven and you could know everything about the progress of your campaign.

The third difference they have is about communication and interaction with the audience. Traditional advertising is a one-way communication where you just deliver your idea to the audience without knowing their feedback, Digital advertising builds better business-audience relationships by allowing them to interact with you, share their queries and send you feedback.

Types of Digital Advertising

1. Display Ads

When you advertise on third-party websites in the form of images, text, banners, or videos, they are called Display ads.

2. Video Ads

Video ads are attractive and grab attention quickly. They can be shown on Youtube or any other platform in a way that makes people connect with the idea that you are presenting to them through your video ads.

3. Social Media Ads

Advertising on social media by creating attractive posts and stories to bring people’s focus towards your business page is a way of advertising online. You could use relevant hashtags so that the interested people could easily come across your profile.

4. Email Ads

Create an appealing website so that people could register to it and you could get the information you need to turn them into your leads. Once you have their email ids, you could send them promotional emails.

How can Digital Advertising help your business?

If you have a business, what matters to it the most is increasing customers, building reputation, and finding more opportunities to build and grow. Digital advertising is necessary for business, big or small, to be exposed to a wider dimension of opportunities to grow and be known worldwide. It will build relevant and interested customers for your business who are loyal and trust your business. Online presence and a better presentation of your brand which is up to date with the trends of the market will build a good reputation for your business.

What kind of businesses or brands should go for Digital advertising?

Small Businesses

Small businesses find it hard to find a big number of customers to find their way to their doors. Digital advertising will bring their business to a large number of people, some of which will become their customers because of the sense of trust formed through digital advertising.

Local Businesses

Local businesses need to be known to a larger audience to grow otherwise their customers will be limited. Having an online presence will expose local businesses to better promotional and growth opportunities. They can update their business to meet the market trends and changes which they get to know from digital presence.


For startups, leads are important to form business relations and customers. Digital advertising will provide them with the relevant information they need from people to reach out to them and present them with their ideas. Digital advertising will improve brand awareness and increase online conversion rate.

Product/ Service Providers

For product or service-based business, presentation matters a lot and that is what digital advertising will help them with. They can present their product or service in a very attractive way through interactive videos, posts, and stories. They will easily connect to people and show them the story behind your product or service.

Entertainment/Food businesses

Digital advertising is very effective for food and entertainment businesses because it influences people’s choices and preferences and increases their sales. Sharing videos, photos, or offers related to entertainment or food will attract them towards what you are offering and they will take a place for it in their expenses.




Digital advertising is best for giving a boost to businesses and thus beginners should opt for digital advertising. For businesses that are launching new products, startups, and new companies, Digital advertising will help you reach out to a large number of people and give your business a push that it requires in the beginning. It is more helpful to the beginners in the market but not just them but every business or brand should digitally advertise themselves apart from traditionally promoting themselves.