Packaging- A Brand's Effective Marketing Tool

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

According to research, it only takes a few seconds to develop the first impression of any brand or product. The first impression is something that will engage with the users and is responsible for People's actions.

Usually, in the Food Segment, people decide within 7 seconds if they're interested in any product. Almost 66% of people are manipulated to purchase any product depending upon the attractive packaging.

When someone is using the company's logo on Bag, a t-shirt that's advertising. But when people actually buy the product the packaging is marketing.

The packaging is something that leaves an impression on the user's mind. There are some products that you can recognize without their name being printed on it or you being told about them, this happens because of extremely thoughtful and impactful designing of that products’ packaging.

Packaging attracts people and influences their choices. Even if the customers do not know about your products, seeing their attractive packaging would make them curious about your brand and your product might make it into their baskets.


Types of packaging:

To explain this, let us take an example of toothpaste. There are the main three packaging's that toothpaste comes in but the terms that are used for them are:

1. Primary packaging

This is the immediate packaging that is ready to use by customers like the tube of toothpaste in the example given. It makes the usage and storage in small quantities easy for the customers.

2. Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging is the second layer of packaging which protects multiple quantities of that product and makes the bulk storage and transportation easy.

3. Tertiary packaging

Tertiary packaging is the third and outermost packaging which includes things like crates and palettes which make the transportation of the products easy and safe.

Functions of packaging

1. Identification

The packaging is uniquely designed and if your product is attractive enough, it will be easily recognizable and people will be convinced to buy it. Attractive packaging gives an identity to your product which contributes to creating a good reputation as well as builds trust in people.

2. Protection

Protection of your products should be your priority while packaging and transporting your products, so apart from attracting people, packaging protects your products from damage by external factors so that your products could be transported and stored easily.

3. Convenient distribution

When you have a big business, especially the one that transports its products to multiple cities, you cannot sell and transport your products in primary packaging. It will make it a lot more difficult and could even damage your products. Tertiary packaging makes distribution and transportation easier and convenient.

4. Information delivery

The packaging is also a way to deliver important information about your product that you want your customers to remember and be aware of. It helps the customers in making right and safe choices for themselves.

The packaging is very important for making a brand popular and to be remembered and preferred by the majority. Here are the reasons why packaging is the most effective and important marketing tool.

1.Attracting customers

When you have a brand, your main ideas or concern is to attract the target customers. Anything creative is automatically attractive to people and if you put creativity in your packaging designing, you will bring customers to your side. Packaging, material, color, font, logo, everything that is presenting your product to the customers is to be attractively designed to create an impact on people.

2. Customer loyalty and interest

Your packaging is effective in marketing your product and if you do it right, people will not prefer anything else over your brand. Packaging contributes to customer loyalty and their persistent interest in your brand. It gives them a surety of trust and quality that they could rely upon. The way you present your brand is the way you are telling your customers how much your brand and product is important to you and that attracts customers.

3. Highlighting benefits

Packaging includes important information about the products which people can see regularly and remember. Your product packaging will remind your customers about the benefits of your products and what differentiates them from other products in the market. It assures your customers that they have made the right choice by buying this product and that they needed it.

4. Promoting brand name

Your attractive packaging makes people notice your brand and appreciate it. Having attractive packaging for your brand will bring trust in people and if you wish to bring other products or if you already have other products under your brand, the customer will be automatically attracted to them as well because of the packaging that promoted your brand name.


Companies make a lot of investments and updates in their packaging and design because they know the important role it plays in marketing and promotion of the products.

You could take similar products from various unknown brands but the one with the most amazing, attractive, and impactful packaging would be chosen by people.

You could hire a designing agency or hire freelance designer to get the perfect packaging designed for your business which will not only keep your products safe and easy to use but will also attract people and create a good impression of your brand.