How To Hashtag Right On Instagram

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

How to post right on Instagram?

Social media: A Facilitator of Creative Ideas and Thoughts

Internet and technological advancement have brought the world closer and opened amazing opportunities and platforms for businesses to spread and reach out to a large number of people. Social media is one such tool that businesses use to promote their brand. Social media has proven to be a big influencer of people's choices and has made people more aware of things, especially about various brands and businesses. A large number of people start using the internet everyday and social media is filled with people who come under the target group of the majority of businesses. So while some use social media to merely socialize, brands and businesses try to grow their businesses with it.

Instagram is one such social media platform that is used by people and businesses to promote their brand, their products, or services. It is widely used and influences the product choices of people because of the unique presentation of products by the brands. Instagram and other social media platforms are subject to frequent changes in trends and preferences and if a business wants to promote itself on social media, it should follow and keep up with the changing trends so that it is up to date and appears constantly on people’s profiles.

Before we tell you how you could post right on Instagram to create maximum impact, here are few benefits that you should know of Instagram posting.


Instagram users are huge in number. You could easily get a good number of audiences for your brand you just need to know the right way to grab their attention. Instagram provides you with various tools that will help you reach your audience or target customers.


You could know the demographics of your Instagram page's activities. It will allow you to make the right decisions about the kind of posts you will put up. It will tell you about your viewers' needs and the people who are more active in your profile. It makes converting your viewers into your leads easier.


Visual content is very attractive and catches the attention of people faster and better. They include in-depth details in the form of videos and pictures. Visual marketing tools by Instagram will help you to create creative content for your page to get a maximum response by the viewers.


Hashtags are the best part of social media. To grab the attention of the right audience, you could use hashtags on your stories and posts that are related to the content in it. When people would search for posts related to that hashtag, your posts will appear along with other posts with a similar hashtag.


There are a lot of influencers on Instagram who have a lot of followers and they influence the choices and preferences of people through their posts. You could collaborate with these influencers by paying them or by sending them the products and ask them to feature them on their profile. This will grab their followers’ attention towards your brand.


Instagram is an app that can be used from anywhere through a phone. That means that your profile and brand's marketing is active all the time. This improves the chances of getting the attention of the maximum number of people.

Since now you know all the benefits of bringing up your brand on Instagram or putting out yourself on Instagram, you must know the right tricks to Post on Instagram.

How to post right on Instagram?

1. Create attractive posts and stories

Creativity attracts people. If you wish to grab the attention of a large number of people, your posts should be very attractive and appealing. Design your posts according to the needs of people and what they would prefer seeing. Your posts could include videos, photos, or just text, but they should be presented in an eye-pleasing manner. And strictly avoid copying posts on Instagram.

2. Follow the trend

Trends come and go on social media and it is updated with the most recent incidents and events. To create an impact on people and to show them your interest and concerns with the trending matters, you must post things related to the recent and most trending activities.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags would bring your page and brand in front of people. Use hashtags related to your posts and post things according to the most popular hashtags so that they appear more often on the profiles of people.

4. Appealing captions

There is only a limited number of things that you could include in your stories and Instagram post box. The caption is the explanatory paragraph or sentence of the post that summarizes the whole post in a few lines or explains it in detail. Make sure that your captions are informative and impactful.

5. Tagging

Tagging people, places, businesses, influencers, etc. would grab their attention as well as their followers. Tagging in your posts will make you appear on the profiles of the pages and profiles that you’ve tagged in your post.

6. Organized profile

Keep your profile systematically designed and arranged. When people will visit your profile, it should appear attractive and professional to them. It will have a good impact on them and will create a good impression of your business or brand.

7. Consistency

Being Consistent with Instagram is very important. You can't just post today and then put up the next post in another 6 months. Carry out thorough research about what's the good time to post on social media and what time your maximum audience is online on Instagram. You can post at those times so as to get maximum engagement on your posts.

8. Content

Content is a very important aspect if you want an engaging account on Instagram. According to a survey, 53% of Instagram users follow an account only for their content. If you post engaging content, informational, tips, and tricks depending upon what your audience wants to get from you then you will end up with maximum followers and likes and comments on your posts.




As a business or brand, you must find the most influential and impactful new ways to promote your business and grow. There are a lot of opportunities that the internet provides us with and to make the best use of it is our duty. Businesses could influence a large number of people through Instagram despite their different locations. It increases your brand awareness and reputation in the market. Here were a few of the ways how Instagram benefits the businesses and how posting the right content on it will make it easier