30 Top Creative Logos of All time

Jan 05, 2023 | By Shreya Srivastava

You can recognize a brand without seeing their name or any other identity just by their logo that happens because the logo grabs the audience’s attention and builds a good reputation in the market. A logo is a very essential part of a business and the most effective factor that makes a brand widely known and recognized. Logos that we see around are usually of the following types:

1.Typographic logo

2. Line Drawings logos

3. Illustrated logos

4. Geometric logos

5. Conceptual logo

6. Animated Version logos

Here are 30 Top Creative Logos of All-time that people can take inspiration from:


Nike is one of the most famous and most preferred sports brands. Its unique checkmark indicates movement and speed. It fits perfectly for a sports brand and delivers the idea in a good way.


Some logos don’t need an introduction; their quality and popularity say it all. Adidas is another sports brand. Its logo looks like a mountain which indicates the strength of an Athlete and the difficulties they face to move up.


Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping websites in the world and it sells everything from A to Z and that is exactly what they are trying to show by that arrow in their creatively designed logo.


Coca- Cola is a really old and trusted brand. They have creatively chosen the colour palette and unique typography for their logo to show strength through red colour and trust with the colour white.


Microsoft is an IT giant that produces software by the name of Windows. They have a window design in their illustrated logo where the colours are chosen to show that the firm is the answer to all your IT solutions and needs.


Walt Disney created the company for children so that they can experience joy, creativity, imagination and entertainment. The typography of their logo symbolizes childhood and innocence.


Spotify is one of the most popular music, podcast and entertainment company and app and it's unique a logo that looks like wifi or radio signals gives us the hint to what the app is all about.


If you observe NASA’s logo, you will observe various elements in it which tell us about this biggest space organization. There is a ring and there are stars which symbolize space and the red chevron pattern stands for the constellation.


Pepsi was started in The 1940s during the time of war, its design has been slightly changed but it can be easily recognized by people because of the unique logo design depicting U.S. patriotism.


Apple in the logo of the company Apple is a symbol of knowledge based on the discovery of gravity theory when an apple fell on Isaac newton’s head. It was conceptualized by the team working in the initial years.


Google’s logo is Brilliantly designed and hard to understand because of the colour theory involved. It includes primary colours and they deliberately chose to colour letter L in the secondary colour to show that they do not always follow rules.


There was a growing difference between adults and children during the time of its foundation in 1969 which increased after the hippie movement. Founder Donald Fischer named the brand GAP to indicate this “Generation gap”.


McDonald's can be recognized by almost everyone easily because of the services and impact it has created on people. The letter M in the logo is for McDonald's but other deeper meanings have come out later.

National Geographic

The colour yellow is for the sun and the yellow rectangle is a photo frame through which the company is trying to show us a peek into the beauty of nature and its importance.


French tennis player Rene Lacoste found this company and gave it his name. His fans had given him``the crocodile” as a nickname which he liked and used as his company logo.


BMW is a luxury car brand where the logo is a symbol of moving tyre with metal blades reflecting the blue sky. Bayerische Motoren Werke is its full form of the BMW in their logo.


Xbox is Microsoft's gaming mega-giant which tried to show through their logo how technology will change the world and gaming experience. The name Xbox is the shortened version of DirectXBox that company decided upon.


Marvel cleverly chose the sharp colour and bold typography to keep the design simple yet impactful. The logo has been through several changes through the years but it still delivers their idea of delivering astonishment by their brand name and logo.


The picture in this logo is of a sea mermaid which lured the sailors according to Greek mythology. The logo is good enough to lure us into tasting the delight they serve.


Initially, MTV was just focused on music and the M in their logo stands for Music Television. It clearly stated the idea and genre of the channel.


The very creative logo design of KFC includes the picture of Colonel Sanders. They have been consistent with their logo design and this can be easily recognized worldwide.


Snapchat’s logo has a ghost. The concept symbolizes the feature of Snapchat where when people send pictures, they would automatically disappear after a while, therefore, the ghost!


The logo includes the letter F which stands for Facebook as well for friends. This is a social media site and the logo design is convincing and appealing enough.


IKEA matches its logo colour combination with its home country’s flag and the broad and bold letter design tells about the exciting and big things IKEA brings for you.


The letters
"L" and "G" in a circle indicate the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology and their unique element placement show trust.


Lay’s is the most loved potato chips brand. The logo design includes a red ribbon wrapped around the sun which is similar to the walker's logo

Procter and Gamble

P and G have used a very minimalistic logo design where they have used their company name’s initials as the letters in their logo design.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s logo includes the initials of the founder of the brand and the brand itself. The typography gives a more formal appearance to this fashion brand.


Gucci is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. Its beautiful logo design stands for grandeur and authenticity. It includes two interlocked Gs from its founder Guccio Gucci’s name.


Netflix tries to give people the experience of theatre at home and their unique logo design is in the shape of a movie theatre screen.


The logo is the most impactful investment that a business can make for building their potential consumers as it creates the first impression of the company in front of people. It is the first thing that people will notice about the company and its identity. Customers will be attracted towards your brand If they are first attracted to the logo design which is thus important to be created most appealingly and attractively. There were 30 most amazingly designed logos that can be easily recognized by the people because of the impact it created through marketing and branding.