7 Website KPIs To Help Your Business Grow

Jan 05, 2023 | By Aishna Pathak

What is KPI?

KPI or Key Performance Indicator states the measurable value which indicates the growth and effective achievement of business objectives. To evaluate their progress, businesses or organizations use their defined KPI. Growth of Sales, HR, and Marketing departments are evaluated through Low-level KPI while overall business performance is analyzed by High-level KPIs. It is a way to find if an organization is effectively progressing towards its goals. The KPL strategy formation starts with describing your organizational goals and the ways to achieve them. This process should include suggestions from department heads, managers, and analysts. The analyses will help you in understanding the process which needs to be measured through KPI and with whom that information should be shared.

If we put it in simpler words, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tells what your business is aiming for or what means success to it. These objectives are measurable and that makes it a base to analyze if the business is working better or less than the planned measure for it. Your business will effectively reach its objectives because of the organized and planned structure it is working according to.

What role does KPIs play in successfully achieving business goals?

KPI clearly defines the metrics according to which the organization can easily and effectively plan out their actions. It will help you in understanding and finding the key lagging and leading indicators according to which the strategies could be formed.

Here are 7 websites KPIs that will help your business grow and achieve its objectives effectively and timely.

1. Qualified Leads
Bringing a lot of viewers or traffic on your website is amazing but it is not the end of it. You set a qualification standard or measure for your website and unless the viewers don’t meet them, the process will be ineffective. The process completes when the user or viewers buy from you or fill out the form you’ve provided on the website. For this, you will have to use customer relationship management software where google will send the information once viewers fill the information. You can then determine if the leads are qualified or not.


2. Conversion rate

This is the KPI which is common in most of the websites. You wish to know how many people bought from you or signed up for your services, made donations, or downloaded something. Conversion rates will allow you to know what percentage of viewers convert and what percentage of them don’t.

3. Pages viewed per session

To know how effective and appealing your content is in keeping the people engaged, you must check the number of pages viewed by people per session. KPI lets you measure the interest that people are showing towards your website and its content. One thing that should be kept in mind here is that a lot of pages per session is also not a good thing. Low session duration and bounce back rates signify that users are unable to find what they are looking for.

4. Exit pages

When your viewers are visiting your website, check the page where most of them exit. Top exit pages in google analytics let you know where your audience loses interest. Analyze what is wrong with the content or page that is pushing them away. Making certain changes in the content, UI/UX, or the features might convince people to complete the desired action.

5. Website Search queries

Onsite search options help you in knowing what people are expecting and looking for on your site so if you do not have that feature already there on your website, install and link it to your site with the help of google. Through search queries option you will be able to know the audience's preferences and you could provide content for the most searched for things.

6.User Experience

User experience is one of the most important KPIs because in the end everything from content creation, page engagement, or feature addition on the site, is related to ensuring customer satisfaction. Your website must work on providing enhanced user experience on both desktops as well as mobile phones.

7. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, as we discussed earlier, is the top priority. To check if your customers are satisfied with your web
site, you need to do a little more than taking google analytics’ assistance. Take a survey and ask for the audience's reviews or ratings.

Following are a few points one must consider while forming KPIs for their website or business:

  • KPIs and their measures are different for businesses according to their goals and objectives.
  • KPI’s success will depend upon how well they serve as an assistant for a better understanding of things that make the business strategies more effective.
  • It should not be a mere statement, they should be measurable to define the exact bar which has to be reached or crossed for strategies to work.
  • Publishing and reporting is an important part of the monitoring process. Executives must know the roles and functions according to which they will analyze the data.


KPI of an organization is formed during the strategizing phase which happens in certain time durations. It ensures alignment of overall organizational goals and helps you make the right decisions to reduce or remove the KPI measure differences. KPI is the measurement that lets you know if your business is effectively moving towards its goals or not. Monitor your key performance indicators at regular intervals to make better decisions for business investments.