Stay in Motion: Brands Nailing the Animation Game

Jul 03, 2023 | By Rahul Dhingra

All the millennials and GenZ, gather around!

Remember the animations of Playstation, Disney or the infamous ‘I’ from Pixar’s logo that we still recall whenever we are talking about them? Feeling nostalgic, aren’t you? We all have such a strong recollection of these brands not only because they played such a huge role in our childhood but also because of their animations which left a lasting impression on all of our minds.

There's something truly mesmerising about animated logos. They have the power to captivate our attention, leaving an enduring impression in our minds. 

But the questions that lie in front of us are that:
Why do brands choose to use animated logos?
What makes these moving images so enchanting?

In this blog, we will embark on a journey to explore the magic of animation and its profound impact on brand identity and customer engagement.

Brands Embracing Animated Logos: 

Let's take a closer look at some renowned brands that have embraced animated logos to create captivating brand experiences. These brands understand the art of storytelling and innovation. Whether it's Vodafone's playful doodles, Nike's dynamic swoosh, or Netflix’s ‘N’ zooming in at the time of opening the app, each animated logo reflects the brand's essence and leaves a lasting impact on customers. By using animated logos, these brands have successfully enhanced their brand perception and increased customer engagement.

Now let’s dive into the reason why brands tend to use animated logos:

Let's dive deeper into the world of animated logos and explore some iconic brands that have truly embraced the power of animation to create captivating brand experiences. These brands know how to weave storytelling and innovation into their logo designs, and it's a sight to behold.

Take a look at Google, for instance. They have this fantastic tradition of playful doodles that bring their logo to life. These animated variations celebrate holidays, events, and notable figures, engaging users with their creativity and charm.It's like Google is constantly evolving and finding new ways to surprise and delight us.

Then there's Nike, the sportswear giant. Their logo, the famous swoosh, has become synonymous with movement and energy. Nike understands that animation adds an extra layer of dynamism to their brand identity. You might have seen the swoosh gracefully leaping across screens or morphing into different forms, capturing the essence of athleticism and empowering their customers.

Another example is the OTT giant Netflix, which has the iconic zooming in of the letter ‘N’ and the sound ‘TuDum’. Picture this: The iconic red "N" of the Netflix logo gracefully unfurls like a cinematic ribbon, revealing a kaleidoscope of vibrant scenes from the platform's vast content library.

From thrilling action sequences to heartwarming moments, the animation seamlessly transitions between genres, capturing the essence of Netflix's diverse storytelling. 

By embracing animated logos, these brands have not only set themselves apart but also managed to enhance their brand perception and deepen customer engagement. It's a powerful way to convey their brand values, establish a unique identity, and forge a deeper connection with their target audience.

These animated logos have become more than just visual symbols; they have become memorable experiences that spark joy and make us feel connected to the brand. They understand that animated logos have the ability to captivate, engage, and leave a profound impact on customers. It's a testament to their commitment to innovation and their desire to push the boundaries of brand storytelling

Creating Websites: Animation beyond Logos

You know, when it comes to website design, animation has really taken things to the next level. It's not just about logos anymore. Let's talk about Apple's website as an example. They've nailed it when it comes to using animations to create an immersive user experience. From those subtle transitions to interactive elements, Apple knows how to seamlessly integrate animations throughout their website, making it a joy to navigate and engage with. As you navigate down the page, you'll witness products elegantly sliding into view, MacBooks gracefully unfolding, and iPhones spinning, all while showcasing the hardware, demonstrating the software, and engaging users through interactive narratives that highlight the practical usage of their products. Apple recently 

Animations on a website serve a purpose beyond just looking cool. They actually guide us as users, helping us understand the information flow and making the whole browsing experience smooth as butter. Think of them as visual cues that grab our attention and lead us through the content with ease. And you know what? They make the important stuff stand out, so we don't miss a thing.

Animation as a Growing Trend: Unleashing Creativity and Impact

Let's talk about this rising star in the world of branding and design: Animation. 

It's not just a trend; it's the future that's already here. We're seeing animations popping up everywhere, from marketing campaigns to social media content and video advertisements. It's hard to miss them, and that's exactly the point! Brands have caught on to the power of animated content in capturing attention, delivering messages, and creating memorable user experiences.

And it's not just about grabbing attention. Animations have this incredible knack for conveying messages in a concise and engaging way. Whether it's explaining a product, telling a story, or simply adding a touch of flair, animations have a unique power to communicate effectively.

In a visually saturated market, where we're bombarded with content from every direction, brands need to stay ahead of the game. And that's where animation comes in. It unleashes a whole new level of creativity and impact. By embracing animation, brands can create a distinct identity, establish an emotional connection with their audience, and leave a lasting impression.


As this trend continues to evolve, it's important for brands to jump on the animation bandwagon and explore its creative potential. Don't get left behind in a sea of static visuals. Embrace the magic of animation and let your brand shine in a visually dynamic world. It's time to bring your ideas to life, engage your audience, and stand out from the crowd. The future of branding and design is animated, and it's waiting for you to unleash your creativity and make a lasting impact.

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